a professional esports commentator

who loves to play video games. I am your everything when it comes to esports; consultant, talent, writer, and organizer.

Organizations that I have worked with...
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Hi, I'm JJ-kun!

I am a multi-genre Esports commentator

that specializes in Fighting Games and Competitive Pokémon. While I specialize in the said genre, I also cast MOBA, Racing, and First-Person Shooter games.


In addition to this, JJ-kun also write stories about players, teams, and gaming, organize and broadcast events, and can become the eyes for your broadcasts.


Furthermore, I hold the position of the following organizations:

Why, "JJ-KUN"?

It’s the initials of my first name and since I’m a Japanese culture enthusiast, I decided to add the suffix “-kun”, a Japanese honorific usually used for males. I got used to being called by that now.

Games I Cast

Here are some of the games I PRIMARILY cast

My Works

Below are the list of projects I have participated in on a stream or broadcast

Updated as of April 4, 2024

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