[REVIEW] JustAxe

A game that does not take itself too seriously, whether gameplay or narrative-wise, takes on a form of a 2D platformer. The world is invaded by monsters, but the question is, can the game axe the criticisms?

[REVIEW] Red Dead Redemption II

Revered as one of the biggest game of all time, Red Dead Redemption II brings us the story of Arthur Morgan and his relationship with those around him. The question is, is this relationship strong enough to have a great cowboy experience?


Being a fan of the franchise, this iteration is one that I’ve been waiting for a long time since the very first time it was teased—starting with the TEKKEN Kazuya Ending FMV transitioning to the modernized version of the smiling Kazuya. I’m sure a lot are looking forward to the next decade of TEKKEN with… Continue reading [REVIEW] TEKKEN 8

[REVIEW] Persona 3 Reload

I’m one of those who entered the Persona franchise through Persona 5 and from there worked my way to playing different Persona games—even the forgotten ones—and, I have to say, Persona 3 is a game I thoroughly enjoyed so I have high hopes for the Persona 3 Reload to be a great one, especially that there has been a trend of remaking games, only for it to be worse than the original.

[REVIEW] Helldivers II

Nowadays, games aren’t as enjoyable as the previous generation of gaming due to the focus on graphical improvement. In and of itself is not a bad thing, but it becomes one if it’s the sole or primary focus of the game. However, among the plethora of games launched with beautiful visuals, there is always going… Continue reading [REVIEW] Helldivers II